Great Moments In Waste Management

by Dennis McLaughlin

Long time Greystone Estates South resident Bob Deady makes the point that “HOA’s get a bad rap sometimes.” He supports that statement with the story of a notable accomplishment by the GESHA Board when he was president:

“It is hard to realize that it has been 12 years since the officers of GESHA voted to take on a group contract with Deffenbaugh instead of individual pay. Each household was paying $235 per year for individual contracts. The HOA negotiated $129.60, a 45% reduction.” [But it wasn’t that simple or easy.] “The problem was, our Declaration of Restrictions didn’t allow the board to collect and pay for trash service. To change the D of R we had to have every homeowner (homeowners if two were on the deed) sign and notarize a form to make the change. And we had to have 80% sign on. It took a couple of months and countless hours, at times going door-to door, to accomplish this. Every board member and other volunteers pitched in. [GESHA treasurer] Jim Quigley even signed on to get a notary license to bring this to fruition. This was a pretty important accomplishment amounting to annual savings of $106 per household, and $20,000 per year for the neighborhood as a whole.”

Belated thanks to the Board members at the time: Bob Deady, president; David Nelson, vice president; Jim Quigley, treasurer; Mike Conner (RIP), parks; Brenda/Randy Macke, landscaping; Gratia Carver, secretary; Jeanne Dabrowski, architectural; Linda Newman, assistant treasurer; Karen Jones, assistant secretary.

Winter Yard Waste Pick Up Dates

January 22, February 22 and March 12, 2018