Listen to the Locomotives

Actually many Lenexa residents would prefer not to have hear the train whistles, especially at 4 or 5 in the morning. Suburban legend has it that the oft-amplified noise is not so much caused by thermal and other natural gradients in the air, but by a particular engineer resentful about having to pull a mile of coal cars while everyone else in town is asleep at that ungodly hour. Anyway, our Ward 3 Lenexa councilmen noted at our GESHA Annual meeting, that the city is looking into noise abatement initiatives. Currently, they say, the city is exploring the possibility of using wayside horns to address train noise. “We have recently observed wayside horns in Merriam,” one said, “and were surprised to find they appear to reduce noise overall.” Lenexa has formed a committee to study their effectiveness. For information contact

SPRING GARAGE SALE: Save the dates of May 18 and 19, Friday and Saturday, for the Greystone Estates South Annual Spring Garage Sale. Rain dates will be June 1 and 2, since Memorial Day Weekend occurs in between.

CURBSIDE LARGE ITEM PICKUP, Saturday June 9: Items need to be curbside by 7 a.m. FYI: Items should be limited in size to no more than what two men can handle. Items that WILL NOT be picked up: car batteries; tires, yard waste; appliances; paints and chemicals; construction materials over 4 feet in length. Items APPROVED for pickup include these: furniture; mattresses; household trash, TVs et al.

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